Icon Name Armor Value
Luck Banner happiness Cloak of Luck + 30 Armor Value
+ 7 Damage
A 3200
Cloak of Viridjian Cloak of Viridjian(2) Cloak of Viridjian + 30 Armor Value
+ 3% faster travel speed
A 5400
Courage Banner courage Cloak of Courage + 30 Armor Value
+ 93 Health
+ 8 Damage
A 6400
Cloak of Xerulean Cloak of Xerulean(2) Cloak of Xerulean + 30 Armor Value
+ 3% faster travel speed
+ 90 Health
+ 8 Damage
A 10800
Might Banner power Cloak of Might + 134 Armor Value
+ 98 Health
+ 10 Damage
A 12800
Cloak of Drakaurum Cloak of Drakaurum(2) Cloak of Drakaurum + 130 Armor Value
+ 3% faster travel speed
+ 100 Health
+ 10 Damage
A 19890
Touch of Heaven Touch of Heaven(2) Touch of Heaven + 284 Armor Value
+ 250 Lightning resistance
+ 3,5% less damage from
enemy player hits
+ 35,0% higher armor
value on this item
A 24950
Contract for the Cloak of Initiation Contract for the Cloak of Initiation S 10
Contract for the Cloak of Insight Contract for the Cloak of Insight G 1
Contract for the Cloak of Wisdom Contract for the Cloak of Wisdom G 10
Contract for the Cloak of Enlightenment Contract for the Cloak of Enlightenment G 100
Contract for the Cloak of Power Contract for the Cloak of Power G 1000


Icon Name Time Description Value
Wave Wave 3 s Wave hello to your friends! A 689
Bow Bow 3 s Bowing can mean a number of different things. It can be a greeting or a sign of respect or gratitude. It can also be to mock or spite someone. A 689
Backflip Somersault 5 s It'll make you jump for joy! A 1189
Jumprope Jump Rope 12 s Jumping rope is fun and it keeps you young! A 1189
Push ups Push Ups 12 s Put everyone to shame by doing more push ups than they do! A 1189
Heavy dumbbel Incredibly Heavy Dumbbell 8 s Lift the dumbbell as a feat of mighty strength. A 2229
Break Break Test 11 s Smash through the stone tablet! "Hii ya!" Mind over matter! A 2369
Threaten Threaten 4 s This emote helps anyone who wants to mess with you. A 3389
Laughing fit Laughing Fit 12 s Use a Laughing Attack to show our enemies how little respect you have for them. A 3989
Wrestle Wrestlemanic! 12 s Time to show everyone who the champion of the ring is! A 4789
Kiss Sweetly blow a kiss 5 s This blown kiss truly came from the heart. A 5389
Lute Lute 21 s Is that a lute I hear? They make such sweet music. Careful though - wouldn't want to get a ticket for disturbing the peace. A 4999
Springevent Spring fever 10 s Even the bravest of heroes from Duria can barely contain their rapture at the approaching spring. A 4789
Kalinka Malinka Kalinka Malinka 10 s Dazzle your audience by skillfully performing a traditional dance interlude from afar! A 4999
Victory dance Victory Dance 9 s You won - Time to bend over and shake your tail feather! A 6789
Jugleremote Red Juggler's Pins 3 s The player juggles A 6789
Gremlin toss Gremlin Toss 20 s Test your upper body strength and see if you can toss a gremlin farther than anyone else! A 6789
1stplace Renowned First Place 14 s Ascend to the first step on your way to glory. A 16489


Icon Name Description Value
Soldier of the Crown Soldier of the Crown This magical armor can be worn over your normal armor. It is awarded in gratitude by the Purveyor to the Royal Court to those heroes who have rendered an extraordinary service to the Crown. A 2989
Damsel Damsel The dress of a damsel, like those in the fairytales. A 4489
Dungeon costume Dungeon Costume Suit up in this costume to travel Dracania disguised as a Dungeon Prisoner. A 4489
Tgc1 Polar Explorer Ready at a moment's notice to explore the never-ending ice afoot. Watch out for crevasses! A 4489
Native Native American Warrior This Native American Warrior dress suits every proud warrior and can be worn over every type of armor. A 5659
Emissary Suave Costume A suave look for a Spaniard of refined taste. Suits any type of armor. A 5659
Veritable Oriental Battle Costume A Janissary uniform will strike fear in the hearts of your enemies and can be worn over every type of armor. A 5659
Dracula Count Vampire Costume Change into this costume and play a convincing Count Vampire. A 7989
Honorable armor Helios Armor of Honor Bronze Armor of Honor of the Helios Games A 5929
Camo Chameleon Skin Use this costume to blend into your surroundings and surprise attack your enemies. A 6789
Yellow vortex Yellow Essence Vortex Let the Yellow Essence Vortex Envelop you. A 6789
Bunny Bunny Costume A strange costume that makes its bearer look like a bunny. Because of some impressive magic, it will fit over any suit of armor. A 7989
White Spellweaver White Spellweaver The gleaming robes of a righteous White Spellweaver. Can be worn over every type of armor. A 8589
Bone Man Bone Man The most revealing costume yet! A 10699
Demon Demon Costume Suit up into this Glowing Demon costume and you'll have everyone scared speechless! A 14989
Shadow minion Shadow Minion Disguise yourself as one of the Sargon's Minions to merge with the shadows of the night and scare the wits out of the young heroes during the day. A 14989
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