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Wolf pack1
Wolf Pack


Wolf pack R Ranger Level: 35 Essences (ammo): 6 Cooldown: 60 sec Concentration: 0

Conjure 3 powerful wolves that will support you in battle for 15,0 (PvP: 15,0) seconds. The wolves will create an amount of physical damage that depends on your base damage. Their resistance is dependent upon your level.

The ranger's skill Wolf Pack releases 3 wolves that track and attack enemies within a limited distance from the ranger. Each wolf bite will deal approximately 40% of your base damage as physical damage. (Note that damage dealt may be lower, depending on the armor value of the opponent)

Talent Tree Enhancements & Variations[]

R402xp Wolves' Tribute Talent: EXP Level: 40

Your wolf pack heals you by 60% of the damage it inflicted.

R422 Wooded Wraith Talent: EXP Level: 45
Wooded wraith

Activating the Wild Pack summons a powerful wood wraith that can mark and hold all enemies close by.

Summon a Wooded Wraith that will replace your wolf pack. The slow-moving Root creature will smash, slash and slow down enemies:
  • Smash: 150% base damage
  • Slash: 100% base damage
  • Root: 150% base damage (marks and slows movement of enemies)
R302 Might of the Forest Talent: PvP Level: 30

Your bird of prey flies faster and follows enemies for a longer period of time. In addition, the cool-down time for your Wolf Pack skill is reduced by 15%.

The skill cooldown time will be 51 seconds.