Drakensang Online Wiki
Witch hat
Witch Hunter Helmet (max values)
Dk Dragonknight
(Head, Helmet)
303 Armor value
Base Values
103 Armor value (base)
+200 Armor value
+400 Critical hit value
15% Increased maximum damage
5% Reduced minimum damage
Witch Hunter Gear
Set Bonus:
(2) +20% Critical damage
(3) +50 Maximum damage
20% Increased critical hit value
10,00% Faster attack speed
Durability: 112/112
>> Requires level 45
Melting value:Glyph icon 21000
Location: Merchant (The Ghastly Gnob)

Warning: Karabossa can drop level 40 and level 45 items regardless of your character level. Stats listed represent Maximum values. Actual value of enchantments will be at or below the listed number.