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Witch hat
Witch Chaser Helmet
Sw & D
(Head, Helmet)
Item level: 50
256 Armor value
Base Values
145 Armor value (base)
+ 111 Armor value
+ 137-411 Critical hit value
+ 19-41 Maximum damage
Witch Chaser Armor
Set Bonus:
(3) 11,1% faster attack speed
22,2% increased maximum damage
33,3% increased critical hit value
Durability: 30/30
>> Requires level 50
Melting value:Glyph icon 29400
Selling price: G 1 S 55 C 35


Obtain this Witch Chaser item from Karabossa during the monthly New Moon event. Actual values will scale to the level of your character and enchantment values will randomly fall within the given parameters in the tooltip. For information on the "old" values, view Witch Hunter Helmet.


Witch Chaser Helmet