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"Only try to brush fairies away - never attempt to control them."



A trip through the area surrounding Kingshill leads travelers to places long since forgotten in the shadows of time. Much awaits those brave enough to wander into the shadows. The Wildherz caves bear the story of human culture's humble origins and forgotten deities. Remnants of worship sites can also be found in Hagastove Grotto, where practitioners of magic fled during the empire and to this day refuse to follow the strict codex of the Spellweavers. Wars of the past are now buried under earth and grass. The stone witnesses of the empire have long since crumbled to pieces. The once hard fought battle for survival in Swerdfield near Kingshill lies beneath the pastures' cultivated grass. Yet a new hunting season has opened and those who dare cross the fields and woods of Willuxshire are taking their own lives into their hands.

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