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Wee pet
Wee Viscanium Guardian
Use, is not depleted when used
Before young Spellweavers are allowed to conjure their Guardians, they must first masterfully create a smaller version. The Wee Viscanium Guardian is an extra set of eyes and hands for you and he will not leave your side.
Calls your little companion.

5% more more Health Points
11% more more Health Points
17% more more Health Points
23% more more Health Points

Obtained Through: Wee guardian 1 + Wee guardian 2 + Wee guardian 3 + Wee guardian 4
Lost Truth VI , Dark Dwarf Heist & II
Daily Deal
Drop from monsters

Collect all 4 pieces (Head, Heart, Left and Right Arms) of the pet from Locked Dwarven Chests during the Lost Truth event or get them from progress bar during the Dark Dwarf Heist event and combine to create this Wee Viscanium Guardian.

During the Lost Truth event, a "Temporary" guardian (3 days) is rewarded for collecting 155 Purified Viscanium toward the event.

Wee Viscanium Guardian