Varholm features the Full Moon Event and has 2 phases -- Day & Night. The phase of the town depends both on the lunar calendar and the event status. The day map is available on most days and is used to farm and prepare for the actual Night-time map. Look up the lunar full moon to anticipate the coming of the Night-time map. In addition, an Event status for the Full Moon will be present in-game.

Enter Varholm from any location by selecting the Realm path to varholm 1Realm Path to Varholm portal from your inventory. Up to 5 players (in a group) may enter the same location, and the difficulty will scale up with additional group members. The level of the monsters will scale to the player with the highest level.

Note: Because Varholm is a special event map, any simultaneous event occurring, will not affect the mechanics of this location. (i.e. drops and monsters from other events do not apply to this map)


Varholm (Day)
Basic Info
Type Dungeon (Event)
Region Kingshill (Region)
Monster Levels 10-50 (scales to player level)

Gnomes and Jullov will drop Silver Essences


  • Dark Wolf
  • Prospector Gnome
  • Physician Gnome (provides health boosts to neighboring monsters)
  • Foreman Gnome (increases attack speed of neighboring monsters)
  • Jullov (rare, located in the north-west tip of the map)  
spawns into --> Jullovs Mean Old Mutt & Jullovs Gross Buddy x2  --> Jullovs Tough Girlfriend x4 --> Jullovs Bearded Sister x8


Varholm (Night)
Festive amphora
Basic Info
Type Dungeon (Event)
Region Kingshill (Region)
Monster Levels 10-50 (scales to player level)
Chests Festive Amphora
Unique Boss Vargulf the Ancestral Wolf

All monsters require Silver Essences or an active Scroll of Silver Power buff to defeat. Werewolves can drop Werewolf Blood (event progress units).


  • Darkwolf
  • Werewolf Frostbiter - ranged, slows movement
  • Werewolf Gorelover - melee, causes bleeding
  • Moonhowler (4x) - summons Darkwolf, melee with bleeding, depletes all mana / concentration / rage (drops 50 or 100 Werewolf Blood)
  • Vargulf the Ancestral Wolf - summon this boss by pouring a Vial of Werewolf Blood on the Sacrificial Altar.


Varholm Piglet Map

Varholm P1 Varholm P2 Varholm P3 Varholm P4 Varholm P5 Varholm P6 Varholm P7 Varholm P8 Varholm P9 Piglet1 Pig Varholm Pig 11 New PIg Varholm