Discontinued with R189
You can only get regular items with these skins from minibosses in Varholm!
Varholm shield
Vargulf Round Shield
Dk Dragonknight
(Offhand, Shield)
Item level: 50
344 Armor value
6933 Block rate
Base Values
344 Armor value (base)
2773 Block rate (base)
+ 100-150% Increased block rate
1,0 increased block strength
+ 154-309 Lightning resistance
+ 19-37 Damage
Vargulf's Legacy
Set Bonus:
(3): + 10,0% critical damage
10,0 % more hitpoints
10,0 % faster travel speed
Durability: 60/60
>> Requires level 50
Melting value:Glyph icon 29400

During the Full Moon Event, Vargulf, the Ancestral Wolf (in Varholm - by night) can drop this unique werewolf-themed shield. Actual item will scale to the level (1-50) of your character and enchantment values will fall into the range listed in your event tooltip.

Equipping the three matching pieces of the set activates the Vargulf's Legacy set bonus.



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