Hello Everyone,
My name is Nick (Plunge422) and I founded this wikia a long time ago, a few weeks after I began playing Drakensang. At the time, I was operating a Drakensang fan-community website and decided to create this wikia because I felt the community needed a wiki. However, due to a lack of support I shut down the website, stopped playing Drakensang and moved on with my life. Hence, I completely forgot about this Wiki.
Yesterday, I was searching through my old email account and was quite shocked to discover that people were actually working on this wikia. Over the summer I assumed that not that many people enjoyed playing Drakensang because only a handful of people had registered on my website. However, I now see that the game has gained a following.
First, I would like to apologize for my lack of support over the past few months. I should have never quit working on this wiki and the fan community I started over a year ago. It was wrong wrong of me to leave this place unattended and I am returning to help contribute to the Drakensang community. I have even started logging back into Drakensang Online and hope to continue playing this game for a long time to come.

Next, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the wikia over while I was gone. It is awesome to see that people are willing enough to spend their time improving this web space for others. I am amazed at how much information has been filled in.

Lastly, I look forward to helping the community continue to grow. I have a lot of skills related to graphic design and video production. Hopefully, I will be a valuable resource to the community.

Sorry again for my absence,