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"In the moment in which I recognized the seal of the city guardians on his cloths, his monstrous claws had ripped a gaping wound in my leg."

Under the influence of the evil Nefertari cult, not only have the old bones of long-since dead battlers risen from their sarcophagus, but also the recently deceased are raised from the dead to distorted illusions by the unscrupulous magician.

Through prohibited Andermagic, the spiritless body is initially revived. If he is not controlled, he will walk aimlessly back and forth. If he sees a living person, he will follow his inner drive to kill and he will act quickly and decisively.

The bodies of the Rippers only bear a slight resemblance to humans: The body has a deathly pale appearance, the extremities are strangely twisted and the movements are unnaturally fast. After their death, their nails continued to grow and now form long claws that are used to rip open the skin of its opponents. The hunched over gait gives them a degenerated, animalistic appearance.