Drakensang Online Wiki

"Evil glowed in its beady eyes, as it opened its massive mouth and exposed it's big lazy tooth before it tried to eat me."

Trolls have long been known as guardians of bridges and bitter defenders of their territory. But over the centuries these fears became myths, the work of fairy tales and ultimately forgotten. Yet the return of the denizens of the Anderworld has stirred the trolls from their slumber

Today, helpless travelers find themselves coming face to face with these eternally miserable, greedy oafs who make the roads impassible. And they don't make any exceptions - all intruders are either clubbed to death or crushed under the boulders they hurl.

These heavily set, good-for-nothings wear wretched tattered loincloths, which are then hidden by their proud beer-bellies. Out of their large heads, with round ears and thick necks, grows wild hair and ragged fur grows up and down their arms.