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Thicket of thorns1
Thicket of Thorns

"Shoot a poisoned arrow that leaves a thicket of thorns to grow on its flight path."

The arrow deals 25% of your base damage as poison damage. Enemies that walk through the thicket will be slowed down by 80% and will sustain 55% of your base damage per second as poison damage. The thicket will remain standing for 6 seconds.


Icon Damage DPS Element Range AOE
Thicket of thorns 25% of your base damage  55% of your base damage per second for 6 s poison damage straight path from point of casting Yes


Icon Talent Enhancements Cost Level
R421 Rune Arrow Reduces the Thicket of Thorns cooldown time by 10%. 2 41
R421 Seal of Nature Removes Thicket of Thorns conecentration costs. 3 43
R421 Curse of the Druids If a foe dies within 3 seconds of being hit by Thicket of Thorns, they will explode in a cloud of poison, thereby causing 300% of your base damage in poison damage to all foes within a 6 meter radius. 5 44