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The Splintered City of Cardhun
SCoC Map
Basic Info
Type Urban Area
Level Requirement 10+
At least one level 50 character per account needed to gain access to the city
Quests Between Worlds
Into the Deepest Cave
Into the Darkest Grave
Into the Darkest Forest
Into the Highest Monastery
Into the Burning Cave
Into the Coldest Heights
Into the Vengeful Past
Court of the Dead

SCoC Teleportation Window N

Once you get to level 50 you are getting Scroll of Teleportation automatically (via in game notification).
After traveling to The Splintered City of Cardhun you can always use a travel stone to get back there.
Level 10 and higher players can get to the city using Travel Stone costing S 18 C 30. This city is located in the Parallel World.
New players who don't have level 50 character can get in The Splintered City of Cardhun only when they reach level 50 on one of their characters. That character opens up the portal to The Splintered City of Cardhun for all characters in same account.


Other NPCs[]

  • Quest Keeper: Sigyn Jerriksdottir
  • Quest Keeper: Ammon, the Wanderer of Worlds
  • Realm Mage: Thabo