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The Jesters have been assassinated with R213/4 and buried in the past!

A group of NPC’s stand in Kingshill. They are known as the Jesters - Ballerino, Arlekin and Zampano. These artistic fellows can be found on the fairgrounds. All three of them are jolly and playful characters but no one really knows what is hidden behind their masks!

The Jesters-0

Jesters Screen

The Rune Board offers:

Jester Jackpot
Jesters Jackpot Screen

  • Each Jester got his own Gold and Andermant Jackpot
  • The Gold Jackpot can be won by wagering with Gold at the Rune Board
  • The Andermant Jackpot can be won by wagering with Andermant at the Rune Board
  • Every made stake at the Rune Board automatically increases the respective Jester’s jackpot size
  • Once a Jackpot is won, it resets to its starting value (100 Gold & 10.000 Andermant)