Note : starting from August 2020 the game can be only played in Internet Explorer 11 browser
only on Windows 10. In order to play the game on Windows 7 and/or via Firefox browser
please read the following guide.

Test out new events and get a glimpse of new content on the Test Server:

Test server.png

Find the current release information by looking on the bottom left corner. Players with an orange name are Administrators and employees of Bigpoint.

How to Play via Client?


  • Right click on the client icon in your desktop.
  • Left click Properties
  • Select the 2nd tab "Shortcut"
  • add a -stable in the place where it says "Target"
  • click OK

Test server client.png

For 64bit DSO Client you need to follow the same steps as those mentioned above but you will need to add the following at the end of the line " -stable -x86_64" (there is 2x space on the start and after "stable"). Test Server Client-properties.jpg


Starting with R224 the game will no longer be supported on MacOS

Launch the terminal.
Go to the application directory :
cd /Applications/
Run command with the "enter" key
Start the client with the argument " -stable "
./drakensangonline -stable
Run command with the "enter" key

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