Drakensang Online Wiki

Creates a Tesla Turret that will stand for 10,0 seconds and inflict two times your base damage as lightning damage to all foes within range. Only one Tesla Turret can be active at a time. Two tesla coils do not stack damage with each other. Tesla coil is not afffected by a players attack speed or critical hits.


Icon Damage DPS Element Range AoE CC
Tesla Coil 200% of Base Damage 200% per/sec lightning AoE None None


Icon Talent Enhancements Cost Level
Tesla Coil Overload Increases Tesla Turret damage by 10%. 2 45
Tesla Coil Double Relays You can have two Tesla Turrets active at the same time. 3 45
Tesla Coil Neutralizer As long as you and your allies are in the Tesla Turret's range, you will be immune to stunning effects. 5 45