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August 21, 2013 - August 30, 2013

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Terrifying Shadows returns! Gather Shadows to progress in this event. Enter the Event dungeons on your own or in a group. Difficulty of the dungeon will scale with the levels of the players and the number of individuals in the group.

  • Collect Coffee Beans and Ordinary light essences from "worthy monsters" in dungeons and in the wilderness.
  • In Mystra at Night, defeat Shadow Portals to collect Portal Fragments. Each Shadow Portal will drop 1 random fragment (out of 4 possible).
  • Once all 4 Shadow Fragments are found, trade them with Jon Sunlair for a Shadow Portal.
  • Open the Shadow Portal by right-clicking on the item to enter Sargon's Shadowfort.
  • Enter Sargon's Fort (Difficult) by using a Mighty Shadow Portal
  • Amphorae Keys can be traded for 200 Ordinary light essences. Claim them by unlocking Festive Amphora in Sargon's Shadowfort.
  • In Sargon's Shadowfort, attack Sargon using Light Essences (100%, +150%, or +300%).
  • 5 Hidden easter eggs are hidden in each location and will give the character 10x shadows. (each can only be taken by 1 member of a group)

Progress Reward[]

Ts operation relics of oceanus
  • 50 shadows = Gem bag 2x Gem bag, flawed or splintered
  • 150 shadows = Drak14 30
  • 310 shadows = Amphorae key 3x Amphorae Keys
  • 490 shadows = Mighty shadow portal Mighty Shadow Portal
  • 740 shadows = Drak14 50
  • 1060 shadows = Solstice gem bags 2x Winter Solstice Gem bags, splintered or polished
  • 1405 shadows = Shadow steed Shadow Steed
  • 1830 shadows = Drak14 100
  • 2335 shadows = Purple gem bag Large Gem bag, normal or polished gem
  • 2870 shadows = Shadow stone Shadow Stone (Gems)
  • 3495 shadows = Drak14 100
  • 4210 shadows = Shadow helmet Shadow Minion Helmet (Costumes)
  • 4960 shadows = Pet skull Living Skull (Pets)
  • 5800 shadows = Drak14 100
  • 6740 shadows = Sw sargon's horns R sargons horns Dk sargons horns Sargon's Horns
  • 7800 shadows = Drak14 100
  • 9000 shadows = Sargon shadow crystal Sargon shadow arrow Sargon shadow claw (weapon adornment) & Drak14 250

Total = Drak14 730, Gem bagx2, Amphorae keyx3, Mighty shadow portalSolstice gem bagsx2, Shadow steedPurple gem bag, Shadow stoneShadow helmetPet skullSw sargon's horns R sargons horns Dk sargons horns, Sargon shadow crystal Sargon shadow arrow Sargon shadow claw 


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Leftover Items[]

The following items can be kept for future Terrifying Shadows events: Coffee beans, Shadow Portals, Shadow Portal pieces, Ordinary/Light/Mighty Essences, Amphorae Keys

Mystra at Night[]

Mystra at night

In Mystra at Night, defeat Shadow Portals to collect 1 of 4 portal pieces. Collect Shadows from monsters and recieve a +0,50% faster attack speed buffs for 5 minutes (stackable up to 5x).



  • Shadow Portals - Portals release multiple homing shadows, which inflict low levels of damage and decreases your armor/resistance by 5% (stackable up to 20x or 0% armor/resist). Creatures are constantly summoned around the portals, which often impedes direct attacks against the Shadow Portal.
  • Sinister Cyclops -  Releases a pool of acid upon death
  • Tenebus the Shadow Priest - Skills: ander-missile, ander-meteor, singularity, summon skeletons
  • Sinister Basalt Golem -  High hitpoints, slow movement. Skills: dragon's fury, fire rock slide, stomp
  • Book of Shadows - once killed, will summon a row of Sinister skeleton snipers, Alexius the Shadow Guardian (champion), or army of Burning Brutes
  • Others: Sinister lancers, Sinister skeleton warrior, Sinister lava hound, Sinister skeleton sniper, Burning Brute, Shadow Priest


Piggies are on the move; locations will change depending on the particular instance. Here are a few possible locations:

(Images Courtesy of the DocHolliday64 ... the man, the myth, the legend... lol and ES Forums

Sargon's Shadowfort[]

Sargon's Shadowfort
Sargon's shadowfort
Basic Info
Type Event dungeon (Normal, Mighty)
Monster Levels 1-45 (scales to player level)
Chests Festive Amphora
Unique Boss Sargon

Sargon's Shadowfort is similar to those in the past Terrifying Shadows events. Enter by activating either the normal Shadow portala Shadow Portal or the Mighty shadow portal Mighty Shadow Portal (difficult - bosses will drop 2x more shadows, increase opportunity for unique drops). 




  • Devestating Swamp - slow, high hitpoints
  • Bahadur the Immortal - 3x forms
  • Threshold Guardian - explodes in a blaze of fire
  • Nerfertari Guardian - lightning strike freezes when hit
  • Tortured Soul - when in close range, Paralyzing misery slows travel speed by 40%


  • Dragan - powerful attacks, Mighty wild swing will heal Dragan if the attack lands
  • Sargon the Terrible - must use Light Essences to kill; 3 forms


  • Skeletal Inhabitant
  • Sinister Skeleton Archer
  • Sinister Swamp - leaves behind a Poisoned pool when defeated (33% slower travel speed, deducts 3%/5% of your hitpoints as Poison damage
  • Sinister Bone-biter - bite causes a Bleeding Wound (Deducts 40% of your hitpoints as Physical damage, 4 seconds; bleeding debuffs can stack
  • Undead Slave - scratch causes a Bleeding Wound

Unique Terrifying Shadows Items[]

New Unique items[]

Unique Sargon offensive items can be attained with level 40 or level 45 stats. 

Icon Class Name Location
Sargon shadow claw Dk Sargon's Shadow Claw Progress reward (lvl 40)
Sargon shadow mace Dk Sargon's Shadow Mace
Sargon's shadow shield Dk Sargon's Shadow Shield

Icon Class Name Location
Sargon shadow arrow R Sargon's Shadow Arrow Progress reward (lvl 40)
Sargon's offensive quiver R

Sargon's Shadow Quiver

Sargon's longbow R Sargon's Shadowbow

Icon Class Name Location
Sargon shadow crystal Sw Sargon's Shadow Crystal Progress reward (lvl 40)
Sargon's staff Sw Sargon's Shadow Staff
Sargon's book Sw Sargon's Book of Shadows


Images from the DE Forums

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