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Temple Guardian Stone Mask SW (ico)Temple Guardian Stone Mask DK (ico)
Helmet-1Temple Guardian Stone Mask(SM)
Temple Guardian Stone Mask
Sw Dk R D
(Head, Hat)
Item level: 50
437-556 Armor value
Base Values
140-169 Armor value (base)
+ 297-387 Armor value
10% Higher armor value on this item
+ 22-32 Damage
Temple Guardian Federation
Set Bonus:
(2) +10% Armor value
(3) 10% Increased damage
(4) +10% All resistance values
(5) If you sustain a hit when your Health Points are lower than 33%, a Temple Guardian will appear and fight in your honor for 30 seconds. This guardian has a cooldown time of 150 seconds.
Durability: 20/20
>> Requires level 50
Melting value:Glyph icon 29400
Selling price: G 4 S 71 C 25

Random drop from monsters level 45-50, has random enchantments. Scales to the players' level.


Temple Guardian Stone Mask SW (img)Helmet2