"The weight of the past is vast - so vast as to shake the very foundations of our world."



High atop the eastern-most mountain of Duria towers the old fortress of Teganswall like a memorial over the coastal region of Shorfolk. As early as the time of Heredur, too few Dragonknights were charged with the task of defending its walls. They would withdraw to the gatehouse and venture down the arduous path to complete the ancient rites passed down to them, no longer aware of the true fact why they must: To protect the gate to the Anderworld! Only after the Nefertari cult succeeded in overwhelming the fortress and freeing Duria's oldest enemy did it become clear why Tegan had constructed this fortress so many centuries ago. Brave heroes alone will be able to end the cult's abominable experiments in Teganswall and find their ancient path through the Dragon Caverns to the hidden Sanctum. There lies Tegan's Ceremonial Hall, where the greatest threat Duria has ever faced stands between the two worlds.

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