Swerdfield Pastures
Basic Info
Type Wilderness
Region Wiltwuxshire
Monster Levels 6-10
Nearest Urban Area Grimford, Kingshill

Swerdfield Pastures is a Wilderness area located in the region of Wiltwuxshire. It is accessed from Grimford, and leads to Old Tomb and Kingshill.

Monsters Edit

Name Level Type
Bony Gnasher Bony Gnasher 6 Normal
Bony Farmer Bony Farmer 6 Normal
Wandering Corpse Wandering Corpse 7 Normal
Burning Warrior Burning Warrior (from Pile of Corpses) 7 Champion
Bony Warrior Bony Warrior 8 Normal
Resurrected Corpse Resurrected Corpse 8 Normal

NPCs Edit

Name Type
Private Bailee Private Bailee Quest Keeper
Jimmy, the guard Jimmy, the guard Quest Keeper
Village Bailiff Hoyt Village Bailiff Hoyt Quest Keeper
Master Vithrandir Master Vithrandir
(after defeating Undead
Captain Jeremy)
Quest Keeper

Possible Unique Drops Edit