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Swamp Monster
Swamp monster
Basic Info
Location Ruins of the First Circle, Hagastove Grotto, Slifmoor, Liar's Lair, Iron Forest, Hailstone Mountains, Spawning Ground (vortex variant), Deeps of Demise (together with heap of ice variant), Parallel World Hagastove Grotto, Parallel World Liar's Lair, Parallel World Hailstone Mountains (heap of ice variant), Bloodmoon over Varholm (vortex variant)
Skills Smash, Strike (vortex variant, replaces Smash), Mighty Wave (vortex variant), Split (heap of ice variant, triggers when killed)
Element Poison, Fire (vortex variant), Ice (heap of ice variant)


"The ground shook as the bewitched swamp came to devour me."

How many times have we heard of poor souls being swallowed by the swamp? These were thought to be but fairytales or the fears of fools - until now.

In past times, people lived in harmony with nature. But a strange force has possessed the swamp and nature no longer seems to want harmony!

Beasts born of swamps, slime, earth and wood may seem slow, but they are also difficult to wound. Anyone who approaches these deadly creatures, will find it difficult to get away from these beasts encircled by the skulls of their victims.