Drakensang Online Wiki
Dk Dragonknight
Damage 200% base damage
Element Physical
Range Melee
Area of Effect Small
Essence cost 3
Rage -20
>>Required Level 2


Smash is a primary damaging ability for Dragonknights. It is unlocked at level 2.


Delivers a powerful blow, causing 200% of your base damage as physical damage to all foes in the direct vicinity.

Talent enhancements[]

Icon Skill name Enchacements Level Cost
Smash Merciful Blow Each deadly hit you deliver with Smash builds 6 rage. 4 2
Smash Tit for Tat Each attack with Smash increases your attack speed by 5% for 2.0 seconds. (Post-R209)
Previously 1 second. (Pre-R209)
This effect can be stacked up to three times.
5 3
Smash With All Your Might Increases Smash damage by 20%. 6 5

Group Effect Talent[]

Icon Talent Description Increase per Level Talent Point Cost Unlock Level
Smash Group Effect Smash Group Effect Per Critical Hit with Smash: Increases the damage of all group members within 10 meters by 5.5% (Lasts for 3.0 seconds & is not stackable)

+ 0.5%

3 13