"Anyone who can recognize our true enemy and values freedom can rightfully call themselves a hero."



The small town of Grovery was once known throughout Duria for its precious and processed metals. In the nearby farms lived the hard-working people peacefully in the shadow of the local mountain. Then came the Nefertari cult, who began spreading insidious lies from the abandoned monastery. Now the local inhabitants have fallen pray to their dark goddess and worship per dark-glowing statues which have arisen above the dense fog that now plagues the land. Undead have awoken and patrol the nearby ghost town which is illuminated only by the flickering light of lightning lanterns. Powerful magic chains span across the downtrodden land with fields that grow wild and houses that lapse furthur into decay.

But yet their is one last shimmer of hope. While the Nefertari High Priestess Khalys crafts her sinister plans in the old monastery, a bright light burns deep within the cellar of the Werian Sanctuary.

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