Drakensang Online Wiki
Sw Spellweaver
Range Medium
Effect Travel speed reduced by up to 95%, attack speed reduced by up to 50%, armor and resistances reduced by up to 85%
Duration of Effect 8 seconds
Area of Effect 4,3 meter radius circle
Cooldown 30 seconds
Essence cost 3
Mana -50
>>Required Level 30


Singularity is an ability for Spellweavers. It is unlocked at level 30.


Creates a Space-time Singularity for 8,0 seconds that will slow down all foes within a 4,3 meter radius by up to 95%. It will also reduce their attack speed by up to 50%, and their armor and resistance values by up to 85%.

The effects of the Singularity are strongest at its center and decrease from the center outwards.

Talent enhancements[]

Icon Talent Enhancements Level Cost
Singulariteetti Alignment Reduces Singularity's costs by 25 mana. 31 2
Singulariteetti Distorted Reality Singularity deals up to 50% of your base damage in physical damage per second to all foes in the affected area. 32 3
Singulariteetti Synchronicity As long as you're in the Singularity, the cooldown times of all your active skills will get shorter and shorter. 33 5