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"The fate of Shorefolk demonstrates not only our enemy's ability to create unimaginable destruction but also our enemy's sick delight in causing it."



On the eastern coast of the little island kingdom of Duria lies the harbor city of Shorefolk. The proud trading capital and gateway to the world has always played an important economic and military role within the kingdom. Today, Shorefolk stands in flames. Dragon-like creatures infest its charred streets and smoldering ruins, while the Wild Hunt makes escape along the Burning Coast treacherous. Any citizen who was lucky enough to flee in time has made their way West and landed in the deadly trap of Troll Canyon. The Andermagic within the region is causing the earth itself to spring to life and calling forth the beasts which gave the canyon its name. Yet a few brave souls have ventured into the chaos of Shorefolk to retaliate against the enemy and have established a resistance camp. They're calling for heroes to follow them in their path and take arms against the growing peril.

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