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Shiny Dust
A sparkling dust. You will receive it by grinding gems and jewels at the workbench.

Not for sale

Shiny Dust can be get by grinding Gems and Jewels of any tier at the workbench.

When it comes to Gems, the best gems for grinding are Flawed Gems. You get more Shiny Dust when grinding them and you save gold without going into the process of upgrading gems.

Same goes for Jewels, but there is a "workaround" with jewels that enables you to get a lot of Shiny Dust. It is little bit costly, in terms of spending gold, but it is very efficient way of getting a lot of Shiny Dust in return.

Easiest Way to Obtain Shiny Dust

 Disclaimer Notice The author of the guide was waiting dev's answer if the provided info is intended or not since R221.
No answer was provided back until the day of the publishing
Therefore we assume nothing is wrong with the content of the guide and the author can't be held responsible for any inconvenience.

All we need is 1000x Shiny Dust and any unwanted/surplus Jewel we already have or an unwanted/surplus Jewel we would get in the future.
In the following example I will be using a Jewel of Coalescence because I don't want to touch my old/new Jewels.

Shiny Dust - craft 1

As we know this Jewel can be made out of 3x Royal gems, which when grinded are giving 3x 2000 Shiny Dust, but you can use any other surplus Unique Jewel.
So imagine this is a Jewel of Rage in example.

First we need to upgrade the jewel from common to improved rarity

Shiny Dust - craft 2

We can do that by spending 250x Shiny Dust.
Then we proceed to another step of upgrading the jewel from improved to magic rarity.

Shiny Dust - craft 3

We will spend 750x Shiny Dust in the process.
So we spent 1000x Shiny Dust in total.
But if we grind the jewel and destroy it, we will be getting 6700x Shiny Dust.

Shiny Dust - craft 4

If we take out the invested 1000x Shiny Dust that is 5700x Shiny Dust gain.
If we do that with, lets say 10x Jewels that is 57.000x Shiny Dust gain without investing anything in the process.
We would always have more than enough Shiny Dust to upgrade all our Jewels.

Shiny Dust - craft 5

At the moment Magic Rarity is the highest rarity, but in future it will probably be extended to Legendary. That means a lot more Shiny Dust.

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