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Sharr Kharab
Sharr kharab djinn
Basic Info
Location Djinn's Chamber
Level 50+
Difficulty Normal to Infernal IV
Drops Sw Sharr Kharab's Scroll
R Sharr Kharab's Quiver
Dk Sharr Kharab's Shield
D Sharr Kharab's Oil Lamp

With the quest Cursed Wish (9/9), unlock the Djinn's Chamber located adjacent to Treasure Cave. Sharr Kharab, aka Djinn, is the main boss of Qaizah.


Phase 1:[]

Place the ensorcelled lamp on the carpet to initiate the match and summon the genie, Sharr Kharab.

  • Fists of Sharr Kharab: Smashes enemies and has a chance to deal massive damage.
  • Summon: Sandlings, Molten Gold, Qarinah, Cursed Saifs
  • Tremendous Tornado: Creates a large tornado encircling Sharr Kharab which deducts 30% of your Health Points per second as Physical damage as long as you are in the range of the tornado.
  • Spiky Sand Ball Unleashes a spiky ball which orbits slowly around the point of origin. Causes Desert Petrification which disables all movement speed.

Phase 2:[]

After losing his whole HP, Sharr Kharab returns to his lamp. Deal enough damage to the lamp (whole HP) to force him out.

  • Scarred by Sand: During this phase, all players in the arena experience 30% decreased armor value and lose 5% of Health Points every second, delivered as Physical damage
  • Ensorcelled Oil Lamp: The lamp can spew oil to enemies nearby, which causes a Burn, deducting 20% of Health points as Fire damage for 2 seconds.

Phase 3:[]

Enraged Sharr Kharab returns to continue battle. He has all his skill from Phase 1, plus:

  • Lightning Strike: A lightning bolt strikes a player and causes Frailty which deducts 10% of your resources (mana, rage, concentration, steam) per second for 7 seconds.

Phase 4:[]

Genie seeks refuge in his lamp again after losing his whole HP in enraged mode. Kill him in his lamp to end the fight. All the skills from Phase 2, plus:

  • Summon: Sandlings, Molten Gold, Qarinah, Cursed Saifs


Sharr kharab achievement

"Last Wish": 50 Achievement points are awarded for killing Sharr Kharab.


  • The name "Sharr Kharab" once belonged to a different NPC during the Dunes of Desolation event, who now resembles Asar.