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Only dead men may enter the Halls of the Dead. Are you prepared to pay the ultimate price?



Since time immemorial, sea travelers, brave and bold, have kept clear of the Sea of Shadows rumored to lie at the far end of the known world. To be sure, the notion of a watery grave lying in wait for all wayward seamen has kept their cautious eyes on courses and charts alike for millennia. The attention, however, of brave Ammon, the Worldly Wanderer , has recently been directed to this place of peril, as Ammon has learned that this horrid place has become a portal for beings, weak and powerful alike, to access this world – including Mortis, the God of Death. To foil the deadly machinations of the dark god, his passage into this world must be prevented by any means. The bravest and boldest heroes of Duria are needed at once to cross the horrifying Ocean of Bones to gain entry to the Halls of the Dead. There you will be granted passage by the Ferryman to the Sea of Souls to face Mortis and his vicious Skeledragon.

Level Range[]


Urban Areas[]


Parallel Worlds can be accessed from Watery Grave:

Final Boss[]