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Scaling Normal dungeonsEdit

With R200 new difficulties have been added to all normal dungeons starting with Slifmoor (Region) dungeons onwards. All the monsters in those difficulties scale to the player level, or to the level of the highest-level player on the map when grouped.


In order to have access to these new difficulties there are 2 basic requirements:
1. You have to be at appropriate level (provided you already have access to those dungeons)
1.1 End boss's level of a certain region is a requirement on top of the general difficulty requirements.

2. You have to finish the region's main quests.
Note: Quests are mo longer requirement. However, they are still required in order to buy/use portals.



In order to spawn a Sentinel you will have to clear the dungeon. Once you clear the dungeon a new Leader monster with a rank Sentinel spawns.

Key of ProwessEdit

After killing a Sentinel you can get Key of Prowess Icon Key of Prowess.

Key drop per difficulty:

Sentinel's ChestEdit

After defeating a Sentinel new chest called Sentinel's Chest appears near the Sentinel's spawning location.
Don't forget to open the chest since you can get valuable loot from it.


Every time you enter any Scaling Normal Dungeon ---> A Mighty Threat quest is automatically accepted

Boss DungeonsEdit

In order to enter Boss dungeon you need to have Key of Prowess Icon Key of Prowess.
Key requirement:

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