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Resistance Command Center under Siege
RCC Under Siege Map.jpg
Basic Info
Type Dungeon
Monster Levels 20-50
Level Requirement 20-50
Quests A Four-leaf Clover,
Some Breathing Time,
The Scatterpult,
For the Resistance!,
A Sweet Surprise,
Just What You Need

Enter Resistance Command Center under Siege during the Invasion of the Resistance Command Center Event using the Scroll of punctuality.png Scroll of Punctuality.

RCC Under Siege Portal.jpg

Use one of the Oath Scrolls to summon a helper by clicking on the appropriate Banner:
SW Banner.jpg Oath of knowledge.png Oath of Knowledge
DK Banner.jpg Oath of power.png Oath of Power
Ranger Banner.jpg Oath of balanc.png Oath of Balance

Mini Bosses[]

  • Commander Emberwing

Commander Emberwing.jpg

  • Grimbart Foultooth (random)

Grimmbart Foultooth.jpg

  • Master Tobias (random)

Master Tobias.jpg

  • Linette (random)


  • Golden Dragonspawn (random)

Golden Dragonspawn.jpg