Resistance Command Center
Resistance Command Center
Basic Info
Type Urban Area
Region Teganswall

Resistance Command Center is an urban area located in the region of Teganswall. It can be accessed from Troll Canyon and leads to Burning Coast and Jarlshofn.

NPCs Edit

Name Type
Alexander Campbell Alexander Campbell Quest Keeper
Alyona Icon Alyona Crafting Master
Brana Kallos Brana Kallos Quest Keeper
Constance Constance Jeweler
Eduard Eduard Artifact merchant
Father Amadeus Father Amadeus Priest of the Order
Incandescent dragonscale Holy water from tegan's sanctuary (3 min)
Finnvald Finnvald Quest Keeper
Francis Francis Alchemist
Howard Gort Howard Gort Master of Battle
Imprisoned snooper Imprisoned snooper Quest Keeper
Kenneth Kenneth Merchant
Generous heros breakfast Sauteed wing of the dragonspawn Shorfolk fish with lemon (30 min)
Levander Levander Kobold, Protector of Treasure
Prince Aldred (blinded) Prince Aldred Quest Keeper
Roshan Shamoon Roshan Shamoon Quest Keeper
Ruthina Flint Ruthina Flint Quest Keeper
Thabo (portrait) Thabo Realm Mage
Tomishax Hammerhead Tomishax Hammerhead Quest Keeper
Winston Winston Blacksmith
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