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A hard life in the wilderness has made the Rangers into what they are: Alert hunters who prove time and again that they are at least a match for all other beings of creation.

From an early age, young members of the clan learn knowledge that has been passed down through millennia, as the traditions of Rangers are as old as humanity itself. Over time, their intense involvement with nature and their inherent inner balance has given them an almost magical ability to wield the blade bow.

Once all men were hunters, but while many of them gradually turned away from a life with nature, the Rangers stayed true to their original way of life, making them much feared outsiders. But now the fists of the forest have called for an alliance with the ancient order, against those who would disturb the balance. Eager to meet the threat head-on, the agile hunters have answered that call.


Rangers are not only outstanding archers, but are also adept at melee. Their style is characterized by dynamics, as they stay constantly in motion. They choose their targets from afar, first weakening them with arrows and then striking them down in close combat with their blade bow.


The role of a Ranger in a group is very often discussed by the players. The unofficial Ranger's role in a group is "multi-role" or "offensive support". Rangers have the highest Crowd Control of all classes, and are a great complement for the group. Even if the tank needs to disengage because of low health, the Ranger can use his/her skills to disable the enemies long enough for the tank to replenish and get back to his function, or give time to the Spellweavers to deal as much damage as possible.

This fluidity allows for a more flexible character build than the Dragonknight or Spellweaver. A ranger can be a 'tank ranger' that uses melee skills more heavily and has a lot of speed, HP and armor. Another ranger build, the 'artillery ranger' will focus more on long-range combat and has more critical hit precentage and damage from a distance.

Tank Ranger:
Carries a shortbow (improves melee speed), shield (block and better armor), and focuses on slowing down enemies from afar before settling into a 'tank' role like that of the Dragonknight. The Ranger, thus, acts more like Dragonknight relief and/or support.
Artillery Ranger:
Carries a longbow (more damage), quiver (high critical hit), and focuses on dealing high amounts of damage with long-distance shots and wolves in tandem with Spellweavers. The Ranger, thus, acts as Spellweaver support and stays away from melee.


  • Both ranged and melee attacks
  • Balance between attack and defense stats
  • Great Crowd Control capability
  • Great mobility and escaping options
  • Buff skills


  • Slow regeneration of resource (Concentration)
  • Ranged skills are easy to dodge without precise timing and anticipation of opponent movement.
  • Building a ranger is not as straight-forward so it requires more time and planning as far as choosing talents and crafting/identifying equips with the stats you want that fit your playstyle.
  • Skills cost lots of concentration. Maximum concentration only 100 (easily depleted).

Talent TreeEdit

Experience Tree - Ranger

Fame Tree - Ranger

Group Talents - Ranger

Resource Refill RateEdit

8 concentration per second


For more info about the skills, click here

Icon Name Level Description
Hunting arrow Hunting arrow Level: 1

Cooldown: 0
Ammo: 1
Concentration: 4

Fire a hunting arrow.

  • Deals 60% of your base damage as physical damage
  • Hit enemies will be marked for 6.0 (PVP: 3.0) seconds
  • Hit enemies will get the Hunting Arrow debuff

Hunting Arrow debuff:

- 30% movement speed
  • Lasts for 6.0 (PVP: 3.0) seconds

Precision Shot Precision Shot Level: 2

Cooldown: 0
Ammo: 4
Concentration: 33

Fire a precise arrow,

  • Deals 125% of your base damage as physical damage
  • Marked enemies will be pierced by the arrow, causing damage tothe enemy behind it
  • Marked enemies suffer double the damage
Death swing Death Swing Level: 3

Cooldown: 0
Ammo: 2
Concentration: 0

Brandish the blade bow and cause 35% of your basic damage as physical damage on all enemies in front of you. Hit targets will be poisoned for 3,0 (PvP: 3,0) seconds and suffer per second 35% of your basic damage as physical damage. The attack speed of poisoned enemies will also be reduced by 20%.
Hunting traps Hunting Traps Level: 6

Cooldown: 8
Ammo: 3
Concentration: 33

Lay a trap that will be set off when touched. All enemies within its radius will be marked for 8,0 seconds and slowed down.

Dive Dive Level: 9

Cooldown: 8
Ammo: 0
Concentration: 0

Jump over obstacle and enemies with an acrobatic dive.

Net Net Level: 12

Cooldown: 10
Ammo: 0
Concentration: 25

Cast a net on the desired position, which will disable all enemies within its radius for 3,5 (PvP: 2,0) seconds.
Scatter shot Scatter shot Level: 15

Cooldown: 0
Ammo: 3
Concentration: 25

Fire a scatter shot and cause 60% of your base damage as physical damage to all enemies hit. Marked enemies suffer double damage.
Deadly blow Deadly blow Level: 18

Cooldown: 0
Ammo: 2
Concentration: 0

Strike the enemy with the blade of your bow and causes 60% of the your basic damage as physical damage. Marked enemies suffer double damage. If an enemy is taken down by this mighty block, 100% of your concentration will be restored.
Bird of prey Bird of prey Level: 22

Cooldown: 20
Ammo: 3
Concentration: 0

Commad a bird of prey to mercilessly pursue an enemy by targeting a victim or a point that is close by. Should the bird of prey snatch up a victim, it will be stunned for 4,0 (PvP: 2,0) seconds. Additionally, the victim will suffer 250% of your basic damage as physical damage. 
Blade dance Blade dance Level: 26

Cooldown: 0
Ammo: 3
Concentration: 50

Whirl in an unstoppable and deadly blade dance to the desired position and inflict 65% of your basic damage as physical damage to all enemies in your way. Hit enemies will be marked for 6,0 (3,0) seconds and will be 30% slower. Marked enemies will suffer double the damage. 
Adrenaline Adrenaline Level: 30

Cooldown: 20
Ammo:  0
Concentration: +100%

Unleash your thirst for blood and feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins, which refreshes your concentration and increases your travel speed by 50% for 5,0 seconds. Because of the considerable strain on your body, your attacks cause 25% less damage during the afore-mentioned period of time.
Wolf pack Wolf pack Level: 35

Cooldown: 50
Ammo: 6
Concentration: 0

Conjure 3 powerful wolves that will support you in battle for 15,0 (PvP: 15,0) seconds. The wolves will create an amount of physical damage that depends on your base damage. Their resistance is dependent upon your level.

Thicket of thorns Thicket of Thorns Level: 40

Cooldown: 10
Ammo: 6
Concentration: 66

Shoot a poisoned arrow that leaves a thicket of thorns to grow on its flight path.

The arrow deals 25% of your base damage as poison damage. Enemies that walk through the thicket will be slowed down by 80% and will sustain 55% of your base damage per second as poison damage. The thicket will remain standing for 6 seconds.

Explocive Arrow Explosive Arrow Level: 45

Cooldown: 0
Ammo: 5
Concentration: 66

Shoots an Explosive Arrow That will cause its

target 50% of your base damage as physical


Marked foes who are hit will suffer double the


The arrow will explode shortly after penetration

and cause the foe it hit, as well as all others

within a 3.2 meter radius, 150% of your base

damage as physical damage.


It is one of the most versatile characters

A ranger is the highest in the PvP leaderboard