Drakensang Online Wiki
Angry strike
Rage Attack
Dk Dragonknight
Damage 100% base damage
Element Physical
Range Melee
Area of Effect Single target
Essence cost 1
Rage +8
>>Required Level 1

Rage Attack

Rage Attack is a basic ability for Dragonknights. It is unlocked at level 1.


Delivers a quick blow, causing 100% of your base damage as physical damage and increasing your rage by 8.

Talent enhancements[]

Icon Skill name Enchancements Level Cost
Angry strike Rage Frenzy Increses the rage built up from a Rage Attack to 10. 4 2
Angry strike Fanaticism Each critical hit you make with a Rage Attack increases your attack speed by 10% and your movement speed by 5% for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 5 times. 4 3
Angry strike Incite Each critical hit you make with Rage Attack reduces all active cooldown times by 1 second. 39 5