Angry strike
Rage Attack
Dk Dragonknight
Damage 100% base damage
Element Physical
Range Melee
Area of Effect Single target
Essence cost 1
Rage +8
>>Required Level 1

Rage Attack

Rage Attack is a basic ability for Dragonknights. It is unlocked at level 1.

Description Edit

Delivers a quick blow, causing 100% of your base damage as physical damage and increasing your rage by 8.

Talent enhancements Edit

Icon Skill name Enchancements Level Cost
Angry strike Rage Frenzy Increses the rage built up from a Rage Attack to 10. 4 2
Angry strike Fanaticism Each critical hit you make with a Rage Attack increases your attack speed by 10% and your movement speed by 5% for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 5 times. 4 3
Angry strike Incite Each critical hit you make with Rage Attack reduces all active cooldown times by 1 second. 39 5