Quests removed with R213/4!

The first quest of this series will be unlocked once the character has reached level 11.

# Quest Giver Destinations Rewards
1 Zahir Hagastove Grotto / Eternal Grove / Crypt of Kings Initiation D cloak 1
2 Zahir Fortress Teganswall / Dragon Caverns / FBI Green cloak D cloak 2
3 Zahir Hailstone Mountains / Eternal Watch Wisdom D cloak 3
4 Zahir Heart of Atlantis / Mount Suvius / Temple Sector Enlightenment D cloak 4
5 Zahir Atlantis above Water / The Misty Ridge Power D cloak 5


Poison Connoisseurs (Hagastove Grotto)
Cloak 11

Vicious Spiderspawn (Eternal Grove)
Cloak 12

Resurrected Tournament Archers (Crypt of Kings)
Cloak 13


Soulless Dragonknights (Fortress Teganswall)
Cloak 21

Dragon-brood Envenomvers (Dragon Caverns)
Cloak 23

Ember-eyed Snooper (Foxarrific Burrow of Investigation HQ)
Cloak 22


Thieving Ice Gnome of the North (Hailstone Mountains)
Cloak 31

Frostwolf Agitator (Eternal Watch)
Cloak 33

Icy Norsemen (Hailstone Mountains)
Cloak 32


Gorgon Warrior (Heart of Atlantis)
Cloak 41

Swordsman (Mount Suvius)
Cloak 42

Zorlobb Lookout (Temple Sector)
Cloak 43


Mortis Priest (Halls of the Dead)
Cloak 53

Dark Skeleton Archer (Halls of the Dead)
Cloak 52

Cold Minion of Death (Ocean of Bones)
Cloak 51

New Quest for the Cloak of PowerEdit

Cloak of Power(new)

Gorgon Intruders/Gorgon Contaminators (Atlantis above Water)

Dro release165 5 3

Stone Golem Stonebreakers (The Misty Ridge)


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