Whether you are a fierce Dragonknight, a  deadly  Ranger or a powerful Spellweaver; Player versus Player (PvP) offers a challenge like no other. Reach your full potential by going up against other skillful players in several matches, each more challenging than the other. Master your skills, use your foes' weaknesses and develop daring strategies. PvP is not only the ultimate test of a player's fighting capabilities, but also a great way to make new friends.

Drakensang currently offers 4 different types of pvp matches: Duel (1 vs 1), Death Match (3 vs 3), Capture the Flag (5 vs 5) and Storm the Fortress (6 vs 6). Each with its own strategies and goals.

After each match Badges of Honor will be rewarded to every player. These badges count for your Fame Tree and can be used to purchase gear from the Battlemaster. 

The amount of badges you recieve are determined by several factors:

  • Damage dealt (compared to the damage your teammates dealt)
  • Amount of kills
  • Amount of deaths
  • Achievements
  • Amount of flag captures (5 vs 5)
  • Helpful effects (stuns, slowing down people ......)
  • Destroying turrets (6 vs 6)

After the match, there are several fetures that potentially increase your amount of badges:

  • Mentor bonus (+200%)
  • Guild bonus (depends on the number of active players in guild; 0,1% per active player, maximum of 5% possible)
  • Talent from the Fame Tree
  • Premium players recieve 25% more badges
  • Some events also increase the number of badges
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