Protective gear (aka armor) is any item that the player can equip on the right-most panels and provides bonuses to defensive stats: armor value & hitpoints & all resistance values & travel speed (boots only) & critical damage (gloves only). There are 5 types of protective gear items:

  • Hats/Helmets
  • Pauldrons
  • Armor/Robes
  • Gloves
  • Boots

Enchantments and Gem Slot[edit | edit source]


Each piece of equipment has 5 rarity levels (Normal, improved, magic, extraordinary and legendary). Enchanted items are colored and have the base stats of normal equipment, but also have additional random hidden stats. Items of higher rarity have a greater number of random enchantments:

  • Improved: +1 enchantments
  • Magic: +2 enchantments
  • Extraordianary: +3 enchantments
  • Legendary:+4 enchantments

The actual value of enchantment is randomized, and dependent on the equipment level. Rarer items have higher maximum values. For a list of the maximum enchantments of each item click HERE.

In addition to random enchantments, items found in the wild also have a random number of gem slots (0-4). Extraordinary items have a minimum of 1 gem slot and legendary items have a minimum of 2 slots. 

Protective gear lists[edit | edit source]

Next is a list of all protective gear items that can be bought from the blacksmith. Note that this list show only the items with their most basic stats. 

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