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Precise Shot.gif

"Shoot a precision arrow which causes 125% of your basic damage as physical damage. Marked enemies will be pierced by the arrow and will suffer double damage."

Precision Shot is the main source of damage for Rangers. Marks exist mostly for this skill. With its ability to pierce through all tagets marked, it is possible to clean entire waves of enemies with this shot*. The only thing players must practice is accuracy: any moving target will be hard to hit with this skill.

  • It is recommended that the Fortified String talent (hunting arrow pierces 2 enemies) and the Magically Braided Net talent (marks all enemies hit with the net) be used to make this strategy most effective.


Icon Damage DPS Element Range AoE CC
Precision Shot.png 125% base damage None

75% physical/

25% fire

Straight line None None

Talent Trees enhancements[]

Icon Skill name Enchancements Level Tree
Precision Shot.png Steady aim Deals 20% more damage. 20 EXP
R102.png Better Specialized Combat Tehcniques Deals 10% more damage to players. 10 PVP
R301.png Higher-quality arrow Arrow flies 33% quicker 30 PVP