Starting with R217 "Pet Melting" has been introduced in the game.
It is not really a melting but rather crafting on workbench.
You can destroy a pet and turn it to ACresceriteAltered Crescerite.

In order to start extracting ACresceriteAltered Crescerite from pets you need to buy the recipe first.
You can buy Schematic - Altered Crescerite Icon Schematic - Altered Crescerite from:

Pet Melting Clover shopPet Melting Draken shopPet Melting Gold shop

Buying the recipe for gold from the Crafting Masters would be a best option for you.

Only those pets already added to Collector's Bag can be placed on the workbench. That means you must first add any pet to Collector's Bag before you can extract ACresceriteAltered Crescerite on the workbench.
If you don't have the pet added to Collector's Bag, you will get a workbench screen like this:

Pet on WB without adding it to CB

You can't click on "combine" buttons, therefore you cant proceed to extracting.

Add pet into CB

Once you add the pet (as shown on picture above) to Collector's Bag you can start extracting ACresceriteAltered Crescerite from those pets, when you get them again in future.

Pet Melting

You will get ACresceriteAltered Crescerite in your inventory from the process. Then you can right click on ACresceriteAltered Crescerite and add them to Currency Bag in order to be able to use them for future Pet Upgrading.

Depending on the pet rarity, you can extract:

Video Tutorial

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2019 05 08 14 19 48

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