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12th February - 22nd February, 2016
Perils of Time Banner

Servers: Heredur, Werian, Grimmag and Balor

Start: 12th February, 12:00 (CET UTC+1)
End: 22nd February, 12:00 (CET UTC+1)

Server: Agathon
Start: 12th February, 18:00 (CET UTC+1)
End: 22nd February, 18:00 (CET UTC+1)

Server: Tegan
Start: 12th February, 21:00 (CET UTC+1)

End: 22nd February, 21:00 (CET UTC+1)


Required levels: 20-50

Progress Rewards[]

Perils of Time progress

Total = Drak14 255


PoT Item1 PoT Item2 PoT Item3 PoT Item4 PoT Item5 PoT Item6 PoT Item7 PoT Item8 PoT Item9 PoT Item10


Dark forces have manipulated time.

  • Collect Time Dust from worthy monsters
  • Enter the Time Rifts and collect Hourglasses to repair the time.
  • Defeat the Time Sorceress.

Trakilaki's Recommendation[]

(just my opinion you don't have to follow it)
This event is very short in terms of what you have to do ... but very long when it comes to farming the resources.(those who don't like farming can buy the resources from the shop)
I suggest you to start farming the Time Dust first, since you will need a lot. The drops are not so generous so you will probably need days to farm enough Time Dust to finish the Progress. You will need something like 4000 Time dust to finish all the quests and finish the Progress ... so start with farming the PWs or Normal Maps. (remember only worthy monsters are dropping Time Dust)
After you have ~4000 Time Dust start solving the Quests. The quests will help you fill small chunk of the Progress Bar ... therefore after solving the Quests you will have to do only one thing ... Killing the Time Sorceress.
After finishing the Event Progress you will need to continue killing the Time Sorceress in order to collect enough amulets for crafting one of the highest tier.
The Time Sorceress drops the Antonia's Timeshifted Amulet (Tier 1), so those who want to make it to Tier 3 will need to collect 16x Tier 1 amulets (14 from drop and + 2 from the event progress) in order to craft one Tier 3 amulet.

Time Sorceress[]

Time SorceressSilver Mine portal S-0


Antonia's Timeshifted Amulet[]

Collect 4x Antonia's Timeshifted Amulet (Tier 1) in order to craft one Antonia's Timeshifted Amulet (Tier 2).
Craft 4x Antonia's Timeshifted Amulet (Tier 2) in order to craft one Antonia's Timeshifted Amulet (Tier 3).

Antonia's Timeshifted Amulet Craft Antonia's Timeshifted Amulet T2 crafted Antonia's Timeshifted AmuletT3 Craft Antonia's Timeshifted Amulet T3 crafted

Amphorae Drops[]

Festive Amphorae (1 Key)

Festive Amphorae
  • Equipment
  • Essences
  • x2, x5, x10, x50, x100 Time Dust
  • x2, x5, x10 Lost time
  • copper coins
  • Drakens Draken (2x, 5x, 7x, 50x)

(the big Festive Amphorae can drop the same as the regular one, with a chance of slightly increased drop amounts)


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