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Parallel World Eternal Watch
PW Eternal Watch
Basic Info
Type Dungeon
Monster Levels 10-55 (Parallel)
Level Requirement Difficulty:
10-55 Painful
50-55 Excruciating
50-55 Fatal
55 Infernal I +
Entry Requirement Killing Shocking Ferocity as a part of the quest Into the Coldest Heights
Nearest Urban Area The Splintered City of Cardhun
Quests Into the Coldest Heights

Parallel World Eternal Watch is a Parallel World dungeon. Enter through Parallel World Hailstone Mountains and access Parallel World Hjalgrimur.


  • Icy Chaos
  • Pale Pillager
  • Torturing Banshee
  • Eternal Challenge (can be disabled by killing Frostbringer and Pale Enforcer)
  • Frostbringer
  • Simple Troll

Mini bosses[]

  • Pale Enforcer

Pale Enforcer