Drakensang Online Wiki
Battle Frenzy
Dk Dragonknight
Range Self
Effect Attack speed and critical hit rate increased by .4% for each foe within AoE
Duration of Effect 10 seconds
Area of Effect 7,0 meter radius circle
Cooldown 0 seconds
Essence cost 0
Rage -60

Battle Frenzy

Outburst, which was called Battle Frenzy prior to Release 209, is an ability for Dragonknights. It is unlocked at level 45.


Unleashes a Battle Cry that increases your attack speed and critical hit rate by .4% for 10,0 seconds for each foe within a 7 meter radius.

This effect can be stacked up to 50 times.

Talent enhancements[]

Icon Talent Description Level Cost
Battle Frenzy Condemn Taunts enemies within 10.0 radius, forcing them to attack you for 3.0 seconds. 46 2
Battle Frenzy Invigorating Anger Using Outburst regenerates 10% of your max Health Points over 5 seconds. 48 3
Battle Frenzy Burning Heatwave Using Outburst has a 40% chance of causing 50% of your base damage as fire damage to all foes within 7.0 meters each second for 3.0 seconds. 49 5

Group Momentum Talent[]

Icon Talent Description Level Cost Cooldown
Outburst Group Effect Outburst Group Effect Upon activating Outburst, all group members within a 10 meter radius regain 100% Health Points, and +100% Maximum Health Points for 20 seconds 45 150 90.0 Seconds