Oldfield map.jpg
Basic Info
Type Dungeon
Event Ghost Festival, II, III, IV
Level Requirement 20
Difficulty Normal to Infernal IV
Entry Requirement 140x Fragment of Infernal Passage Icon.png Fragment of Infernal Passage on Infernal IV difficulty
Nearest Urban Area Kingshill
Unique Boss Morven - Sentinel

Oldfield Inf4 - Entrance Window.jpg

This map is reworked version of the old Darbmoor map.
Your main objective is to collect Saved Soul.png Saved Souls and solve the quests. There are two NPC's that you should take quests from, Sophia the Elder and Sister Morana.

All monsters in Oldfield are respawning, but if you kill them faster than they start respawning again, a Sentinel - Morven will spawn. Morven is dropping few Saved Soul.png Saved Souls (depending on difficulty) and one Sophia's Remedy Icon.png Sophia's Remedy.
Once you defeat Morven you can re-enter the map and do the same over and over again. This way you can collect more Sophia's Remedy Icon.png Sophia's Remedy by doing the quest A Gruesome Remedy and engaging Morven in same time.

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