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Northern gnome


"The snow flew around and I saw the mad gleaming in his eye, wishing me nothing but death."

The cunning northern gnome was long considered to be no more than an obscure legend. Now, after years of peaceful life in the high parts of the north, even the most daring of wanderer returns with frightful tales of the nasty little men with their pointy caps and pickaxes. Their terrifying reports claim that these beings dig through thick snow and even the hardest ice to serve their lord and master, and that they reward themselves through theft and murder.

The gnomes of the north are beholden to the ice god that created them to expand his realm and build sculptures in his honor. Now they have been summoned by his high priest Sigrismarr Frostclaw to lay the groundwork for the ice god to resume his reign.

Their clumsy appearance does nothing to conceal their boundless avarice and malice. And even if they look harmless at first glance, when they band together they represent an enemy that cannot be ignored.