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"Where the sea thunders in the harbor, the wind bites into the coast and the men have beards - that is the place where heroes are born."



The village of Jarlshofn lies beyond the dark sea, on the much celebrated thunder coast, called Torstrond by the Norsemen. Long did the coastal towns of Duria live in fear of a local bearded warrior’s bladed dragon boats, until a young King Harold and the Jarl of the Norselands made a pact of eternal peace.But evidence of this peace can hardly be felt in the stormy coastal village anymore. Torstrond, recently home to hunters, fishermen and tanners, is now a bloody battlefield. In Förge, the village of blacksmiths, followers of power-hungry Nefertari have once again struck fear into the hearts of the brave warriors, and stolen their souls. While the Norse warriors in Jarlshofn hope for the return of the Jarl from the north, in the middle of summer a sudden winter approaches, an icy wind that shrouds the entire land. It's as if the cold itself is closing its frosty grip on all that is living.

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