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"They're cultivating those enormous gems! Is that boundless patience, flat-out stubbornness, or pure greed?"

Myrd 1


The legends tell of brave Dwarven veterans who, even in the age before the empire, climbed the highest mountains of the north to protect humans from the dragon with their signal fires and turrets.

An icy wind blows in the High Mountains of Myrdosch, so the Dwarves who live there have arranged their homes to honor the fire god and stay warm and cozy, of course.

The many forges and workshops of the Dwarven capital of Andrakasch primarily produce what the soldiers need to protect the frontlines. After two thousand years of war with the Evil Dwarves, there's little that shocks the Dwarves. Still, the dark shadows of long dormant enemies that circle on the horizon make them deeply uneasy. It looks like a new storm is brewing.

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