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Scroll karabossa
Malyssa's Magical Scroll
Consumed when used
The magic of the Fairy Fire is the only thing that will banish the Fairy Queen Karabossa
Price: A 600
Obtained Through: New Moon
Reward for 20x 140x 320x 600x 1020x 1620x Fairy Fire

During the New Moon event defend the virgin to activate the Fairy Power buff. This enchantment will grant you the power to defeat Karabossa. Head over to the Fairy Ring and summon Karabossa with Malyssa's Magical Scroll. Only 1 person per group will need to use a Scroll in order to summon the boss.

Obtain through[]

  • Purchase for A 600
  • Collect from the Progress Reward for collecting Fairy Fire
  • Complete the repeatable quest The Fairy Plague