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Lor'Tac Bound

Event Guide

Official Guide

  • There are 3 event portals in every dungeon.
    Realm chamber to lor'tac
  • In order to enter these portals you must collect 15 Lortac Key from worthy Anderworld Creatures (which are located right outside of each portal).
  • Inside the event portal monsters drop Tablet Fragments Lortac Fragment
  • Exchange 225 Tablet Fragments Lortac Fragment for a Toltac Treasure Chest Toltac Treasure Chest.
  • Each Toltac Treasure Chest Toltac Treasure Chest contains one of the Unique items mentioned below.
  • Every item from the chests is random, you may get four different items out of four chests or you might need to open more chests.
  • Only four items are obtainable from the chests, the rest of the items need to be purchased from the merchants.

Obsidian Auspices (DK)

Tayaz Two-handed Obsidian SwordTayaz Obisidian SwordTayaz Battle MaskTayaz Battle PauldronsTayaz Battle Breast PlateTayaz Battle BracersTayaz Battle GreavesTayaz Sun Shield

Sun Auspices (SW)

Tall Tayaz Sun StaffTayaz Sun StaffTayaz Sacred MaskTayaz Sacred PauldronsTayaz Sacred Breast PlateTayaz Sacred BracersTayaz Sacred GreavesTayaz Sun OrbTayaz Sun Scrolls

Totem Auspices (R)

Tayaz Totem LongbowTayaz Totem ShortbowTayaz Hunting MaskTayaz Hunting PauldronsTayaz Hunting Breast PlateTayaz Hunting BracersTayaz Hunting GreavesTayaz Totem Shield QuiverTayaz Totem Quiver

Golden Auspices (SM)

Tayaz Golden RifleTayaz Golden PistolTayaz Protective MaskTayaz Protective PauldronsTayaz Protective Breast PlateTayaz Protective BracersTayaz Protective GreavesTayaz Golden WrenchTayaz Golden Deflector


Item Price
Lortac Key 5x Corrupted Andermagic A 50
Lortac Key 15x Corrupted Andermagic A 100


Rifts in the realm Chocilati Rifts in the realm (Q) Disturbing News Disturbing News (Q)
Completing the quest Disturbing News unlocks the Hidden Achievement Herald of Fate. Herald of Fate A Small Thank You1 A Small Thank You2 A Small Thank You3
In order to exchange the tablet fragments for a chest you need to go to Yaltepetl and you need to be level 45+. Talk to Chocilatl. The unique inside the Toltac Treasure Chest scales to the players' level.