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"Aim for the helmets, my boy! Never forget that under each helmet is a Dwarf that prays to dragons!"

The Evil Dwarves are born to be soldiers in this never-ending war. They believe the dragon once ruled not only over mankind, but some of the Dwarves, as well. Those who surrendered the fight against the Dwarves also lost their faith in the creator, Fyrgon the god of fire. They began worshipping the eternal dragonfire instead.

The Evil Dwarves wage war against their brothers and sisters who refuse to join them in worshipping the dragon. Above all else, they need soldiers to join their cause, which is why most Evil Dwarves find themselves on the battlefield once they're old enough to fight.

Thanks to their characteristic longhelms, the Evil Dwarf infantry is easy to identify from a distance, marching in lockstep and carrying halberds. And if you're close enough, you can also see the hatred burning in their eyes.