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Lightning strike
Lightning Strike
Sw Spellweaver
Damage 250% base damage (direct hit),
fraction of the direct hit damage (foes within AoE),
333% base damage (electrified foes)
Element Lightning, Physical
Range Medium
Effect Electrified
Duration of Effect 2,5 seconds
Area of Effect 2,2 meter radius circle from target location
Essence cost 3
Mana -60
>>Required Level 12

Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike is an ability for Spellweavers. It is learned at level 12.


Unleashes a Lightning Strike - direct hits inflict 250% of your base damage as lightning damage, while other foes within a 2,2 meter range of the strike also receive a fraction of the damage.

Affected foes will be electrified for 2,5 seconds. Lightning Strike also deals 33% extra damage to any currently elecrtified foes.

Talent enhancements[]

Icon Talent Enhancements Level Cost
Lightning strike Master of Lightning Reduces Lightning Strike costs by 10 mana. 13 2
Lightning strike Accelerated Discharge Decreases Lightning Strike's impact time by 33%. 14 3
Lightning strike Shock Charge If a Lightning Strike hits an already-charged foe, there is a 45% chance he will be stunned for 2 (PvP: 1) second (s). 34 5


Lightning Strike is the first nuke ability Spellweavers get. It is classified as the most unrelieble nuke due to its unique area of effect. In other AoE skills, targets must get out of the whole area in order to avoid the total damage. However, with Lightning Strike, targets only need to move out of the center a minimal distance in order to avoid major damage. For that reason, players mostly use Lightning Strike only after a freezing or slowing skill like Ice Missile, Frost Wind, or Frost Nova.