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Lesser Rune of Poisonous Thorns Icon
Lesser Rune of Poisonous Thorns
Usable in an item with slots
You shoot poisonous thorns every three seconds to all enemies around you in a range of 5 meters, dealing 25% of your base damage as poison damage. The poisonous thorns also deal 20% poison damage to you whenever it afflicts damage to an enemy.
Usable in equipment of the category:
Socketable amount : 0/1
>> Requires level 1
Obtained Through: Drop from Mhorblik
Infested Sewers of Kingshill III & IV

Combine 3x Lesser Rune of Poisonous Thorns to create 1 Rune of Poisonous Thorns.

Amulet of Deflection removes the damage dealt to the wearer.